What is CNC Underwater Plasma Cutting Machine​

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  • Release time: 2022-04-21

Underwater plasma cutting must be equipped with anti-collision device or arc pressure automatic height adjustment device. During underwater cutting, the water surface is easily turbid due to the impact of arc ignition and cutting gas, and the cutting gun cannot be seen by the naked eye. The position of the cutting torch and the height of the cutting torch from the steel plate. During the cutting process of the CNC cutting machine, if the deformed steel plate protrudes, it will collide with the cutting torch and cause the cutting torch to break or be damaged. When cutting, the height of the horizontal plane from the steel plate is 3— 5mm is enough.

The working principle of the CNC fine plasma cutting machine is that underwater plasma cutting can remove dust, and there is a cutting platform with a water level that can be raised and lowered. When the cutting starts, the air intake valve opens the fan to inflate the water bed airbag, and the water level rises rapidly. When the water just floods the steel plate, turn off the pneumatic valve, the water level stops, and the smoke and arc light generated during cutting are all absorbed by the water. When the cutting ends, the air outlet valve is opened, and the air bag deflation water level drops so that the operator can mark and unload the material. This dust removal method is the best dust removal method at present, but due to the influence of water, the cutting speed, cutting ability, surface Compared with dry cutting, the finish is reduced to varying degrees. The power consumption when cutting the same thickness of steel plate is about 15% higher than that of dry cutting, and the manufacturing cost of the water bed is relatively high. The obvious advantages of underwater cutting Z are: the beam adopts a wide-body reinforced box-type structure, and the appearance is beautiful. The end frame adopts a low center of gravity structure with symmetrical structure and good stability. All welding is stress-relieved, which ensures the overall rigidity and good dynamic balance.

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