CNC fine plasma cutting machine cutting principle

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  • Release time: 2022-04-21

CNC plasma cutting machine is a method of burying the material to be cut under the water surface of the water-filled cutting platform for cutting. Underwater plasma arc cutting is widely used in ships, underwater facilities and other underwater engineering work. At home and abroad, plasma arc cutting is carried out in fresh water or seawater at a depth of 5-10m, and it has been able to successfully cut stainless steel and other metals with a thickness of less than 100mm. Changzhou CNC fine plasma cutting machine operating regulations and precautions:

1. The underwater plasma arc cannot clearly see the cutting progress during the cutting process, so the operator should not be impatient, but patiently observe it, and then go to understand the cutting situation after the cutting is completed;


2. Due to the high investment and use cost of the equipment, of course, the maintenance cost is not cheap, so the user must correctly cut according to the operating instructions to avoid unnecessary losses;


3. Underwater cutting is more dry than dry cutting, and the cutting quality is much lower. Therefore, please be sure to recognize the cutting range of the plasma arc, so as to avoid excessive plasma arc cutting load and loss.


4. Carbon steel is easy to rust after cutting, so customers must take this into consideration.

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