How to choose the right CNC cutting machine

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  • Release time: 2022-04-21

Choosing a suitable CNC cutting machine can not only save costs, but also improve work efficiency, so how to choose a suitable CNC precision plasma cutting machine manufacturer? Let’s follow the CNC cutting machine editor to learn about it: 1. Select the model Help users to choose and decide the type of CNC cutting machine to buy according to the material to be cut, thickness, as well as the requirements of cutting efficiency and quality .

2. Select configuration Then according to the cutting processing requirements and process of the material and product, especially the cutting thickness and perforation ability, select and decide the specific configuration of the CNC cutting machine, such as the power of the plasma, the configuration of the flame gun, and the type and method of bevel cutting. Special attention should be paid to CNC flame cutting machines: the maximum cutting thickness of plasma power supply is not the thickness of effective perforation and cutting, but the perforation technology and process of flame thick plate and the effective perforation ability of plasma are the effective cutting thickness and key cutting process of CNC cutting machines .

3. Inspect the quality and precision of the machine tool After the model and configuration are selected, the manufacturing quality and cutting accuracy of the company's cutting machine are introduced. The machine tool structure of the CNC cutting machine, the quality of the rack and pinion, the quality of the guide rail and the reduction box, the grounding and shielding of the machine tool installation, and the verification of the accuracy of the cutting machine are all related to or determine the cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine.

4. Inspect the stability of the CNC system The stability of the CNC system is very important. If the system is unstable, for example, the system is unstable due to the internal heating of the CNC system in summer, or the CNC system cannot work due to damage to the fan or hard disk, and the company needs to stop production for a week to wait for replacement or repair. system, which is a serious loss to enterprises and cutting machine manufacturers.

5. Cutting efficiency and cutting quality The cutting efficiency and cutting quality of CNC cutting machine manufacturers are the most concerned by users, not only the focus of user acceptance of CNC cutting machines, but also the criteria for users to evaluate the quality of CNC cutting machines. In particular, it should be pointed out that when the hardware of the CNC cutting machine is basically the same or similar, the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine are mainly determined by the software, not the cutting machine hardware.

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