The scientific adjustment method of the guide rail of the CNC cutting machine

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  • Release time: 2022-04-21

The adjustment of the guide rail of the CNC cutting machine is very important, which directly affects the service life and cutting accuracy of the CNC cutting machine. Faced with how to adjust the guidance of CNC cutting machine, CNC fine plasma cutting machine manufacturers give some suggestions. After the main rail is qualified, the rail should be carefully tightened. The tight connection between the bolt and the guide rail should not be made, and the parts and deformation of the guide rail should be carefully checked. The surfaces and sides of the rails should be kept flat. Use a bubble level to adjust the horizontal and vertical levels of the rails and align from one end of the rail to the other, then measure the connection of the two rails to make sure they are level. Adjust the end of each rail to the distance between the standard wires and adjust the end of each rail to the standard distance. Mainly guide each compaction, such as adjusting the guide level, vertical level, the flatness of the main and auxiliary rails, and the distance between the main and auxiliary rails. The straight line of the guide and the outer distance of the guide are based on the datum standard. Changzhou CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Co., Ltd. measures the flatness of both ends of the guide rail and auxiliary guide rail with the accuracy of 1/10000mm theodolite, and uses guide rail adjustment bolts to make the flatness of the main guide rail and auxiliary guide rail within 0.5 mm at both ends. The stretch is 20 N and the distance between the main guide rails at both ends of the 1/2000 mm strip should be measured over the entire machine. Otherwise, apply a full wire to the rail adjustment and adjust the constant standard distance. The circulating lubrication system ensures good lubrication, reduces friction and heat, and removes heat from the spindle components. It is widely used. The circulating lubrication system is powered by a hydraulic pump, and the oil temperature controller is used to control the oil temperature of the oil tank. To understand the maintenance of the CNC operating system of the CNC cutting machine, the maintenance of three aspects of daily use and production should be strengthened. Of course, the maintenance of the other three parts is equally important. If you blindly keep one aspect and ignore the rest, it won't work. Our CNC cutting machines can only work properly if the parts reach recovery.

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