Precautions and operations for CNC cutting water surface cutting

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  • Release time: 2022-04-21

The use of CNC fine plasma cutting machine involves energy such as electricity and gas, and the dust formed in the material cutting process has certain requirements for environmental control. In the current processing plant and use environment, the plasma There is a big gap in the use environment control of the cutting machine in terms of awareness and hardware facilities. Here, the Changzhou CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer will put forward some views and suggestions on the use environment control of the plasma cutting machine. The CNC plasma cutting machine will generate noise, smoke, arc light and metal vapor during the cutting process, which will cause pollution to the environment, especially when cutting or cutting non-ferrous metals with high current. Several different equipment and techniques are now available to reduce this level of pollution. In addition to water recompression plasma arc cutting, surface cutting and subsurface cutting are also effective ways to curb environmental pollution. Underwater cutting is to place the workpiece about 75mm below the water surface. The worktable on which the workpieces are placed consists of spire-shaped steel elements. The purpose of choosing the apex-shaped steel member is to make the cutting table have enough capacity to accommodate chips and slag. When the torch is launched into the water, first use a steady compressed air flow to drain the water around the end face of the torch nozzle, and then ignite the plasma arc for cutting. When cutting underwater, maintain the depth of the workpiece submerged under the water. A set of water level control system should be prepared, and a water pump and water storage tank should be added to maintain the water level by means of water injection and drainage. Generally, the manual plasma cutting machine cutting or automatic cutting workbench should be equipped with an exhaust system to extract the exhaust gas out of the workshop. However, the exhaust gas still pollutes the environment. If the pollution caused exceeds the allowable standard, the smoke and dust transition equipment should be added. The above introduction about the plasma cutting machine is here, I hope it can help you.

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