Several important steps of spot inspection of CNC plasma cutting machine

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  • Release time: 2022-04-21

1. Clean up the dust and debris in all parts of the CNC plasma cutting machine, and use a dry air pipe to clean up the dust and debris inside and outside the industrial control cabinet;

2. Add lubricating oil to the longitudinal guide rails and linear sliding rails, and check whether the traveling mechanisms and lifting bodies are stable and accurate. If they are not accurate, check and adjust the gapless pressing device of the rack and pinion moving vertically and horizontally, and adjust the clamping of the rail guide bearing to the rail. tightness;

3. Check the pipeline joints, valve body sealing, and whether the gas pipeline is leaking;

4. Check whether the cooling water level is appropriate;

5. Drain water into the gas storage tank before get off work every day, because there is still air pressure in the gas storage tank during off-duty hours, the water discharge speed is faster and the discharge is more thorough;

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